How To Be Single: The Beginning

In a world that is filled with people who are in relationships, who are just leaving relationships, and who are actively seeking relationships–it’s always a question of how you function as a single unit after becoming accustomed to being in a pair for so long, or after having to see all your friends pair up […]

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Bit by the Travel Bug

After a two year absence, the travel bug has bitten me once again and I’m determined to escape the confines of the United States and see the rest of the world. It always comes around, every couple of years, this burning itch and anxiety to get on a plane, a train, a car, or bus […]

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Glow Some Mo

Anyone who knows me, knows that I don’t particularly like the winter or cold weather. Besides the fact that I just live for the Summer in general, cold weather gets me running for the hills. Besides that, during the winter, the air gets dry and it basically sucks the life out of your skin.  And […]

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Old Person Rant: I hate my iPhone

Do you remember the simpler times? When no one had an iPhone, YouTube didn’t exist, and everyone wasn’t always on Instagram posting pictures about a life that they weren’t actually having or Twitter in order to rant about life/politics?  If not, I definitely do and I really miss it.  Don’t get me wrong, I spend […]

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