Sometimes Snakes are People


I love that we call disloyal, sneaky people snakes now. As much as I like the actual animal—it’s a rather apt description for people who are generally cold and slither around like a f***in well…snakes.

Now, people who know me well know that above all else I value loyalty and honesty. To an almost absurd degree. If you prove yourself to be a disloyal hoe, the speed in which I cut you out of my life is so fast you’d miss it even if you didn’t blink.

So either we’re in a time in society in which there are more snakes than normal (or maybe it’s just part of the human condition), or its predisposed toward people in my generation. The former I find to be more likely than the latter. After all, this phenomenon of pettiness and underhandedness I have observed, is not limited toward people of my generation.

But you know how everyone likes to blame things on Millennials. 

Anyway, the quandary is what in the world happened to loyalty and honesty. Usually when your friends with someone, you’re under the impression that you are close—emotionally, mentally, physically (in terms of comfortableness—which is rare for a person like me who hates to be touched by anyone—platonically or otherwise). So why in the world do some people feel the need to gossip about you (the general you not you, personally speaking) as if you won’t find out. As if you didn’t trust them to keep your secrets. Snitches get stitches and wind up in ditches, ladies (and gents, if you’re actually reading this).

I honestly could care less if the truth isn’t nice or pretty, I’d rather have it than a lie. Lying to me is such a breach in trust and is totally unforgivable. I don’t care if you’re trying to “spare my feelings.” You know what would have been nice to my feelings? If you didn’t like to me like the little bitch you are. (HAH. Sorry got mad there for a second)

Recently I made dinner plans with a friend (not going to release a name because not here to call people out, unless it’s in a general, round-about way). About an hour or two before, she texts me to let me know she’s sick and can’t make it. That’s fine, if I was sick I wouldn’t want to go out either. No problem.

Pro-Idiot move on her part to post on her Snapchat 2 hours later at 10PM that she’s at a bar.

Okay. Here’s the thing. If you want to go out to the bar when you know I just want to have a chill night—fine, I don’t care. Tell me. Sometimes I’d rather go out to a party than have a chill night too. No one’s feelings are going to get hurt from this development as long as you are HONEST. See because if you aren’t honest with someone it’s basically saying you don’t respect them. And that’s just insulting.

Now, some of you who read this might think it’s a petty thing to get mad over. Yeah, probably. Maybe not though because you know it starts out as lying about plans. Than it turns into—“oh people have been talking shit about you? I had no idea.” (Lie, because I know you’re the one who started them) Then it turns into “Oh yeah I’ll pick you up at the airport” only to find that your friend doesn’t show up and you’re stranded at LAX, waiting to call for an Über that’s lost in the airport and you’re an hour late to meet your parents who are like “why didn’t X pick you up?” Well I don’t know, I thought she was but now she’s not answering my texts. Great.

So it escalates. You give snakes an inch and they’ll take 10 miles. Sneaky little a$$holes that they are.

The mantra used to be “honesty is the best policy.” Whatever happened to that? Also, what ever happened to having your friends back and defending them if some random girl/guy who doesn’t even really know them decides to talk shit about them? Actually, what happened to not talking shit about people at all because you know you aren’t innocent so why don’t you shut up. Where did human decency go?

Does human decency even exist?

Who knows. Too young for that. I’ll need to observe the larger world first. Who knows maybe I’m only experiencing this because I’m in college and even though everyone is in their late teens and 20’s, they still act like they’re in middle school.

My take on it is though, is that people who do these things (gossip, lie, be disloyal) either are just flakey people in general and if you don’t have the patience for that you need to cut them OR they’re so bored with their lives they have nothing better than to talk about you because nothing else is filling their time.

I say this because I found out a close friend of mine had been talking about me behind my back. First of all, I’ve been busy with typical college things (assignments, essays, midterms, projects, community service events, newspaper writing, horseback riding, etc.). So my schedule was busy—I don’t have time for petty people. I don’t say these things to brag because what I’m doing pales to what other college students at my University are doing—I have friends who barely have time to blink because they are so busy.

But when it was finally brought up to me (thank you for taking so long to tell me, friends—I remark sarcastically) I confronted her.

And the first thing she said was “Who Told You”. HAH. That’s not the concern, you idiot. The concern is that you were a disloyal, dishonest, snake who wasn’t adult enough to talk to me about any concerns you had to my face because you are a coward. Grow a back bone.

Final message: I guess what I’m trying to say is do better. Be better. Don’t be a snake because no one likes or trusts a snake. I might not be the nicest person but at least I won’t lie to your face. I won’t be overtly rude either because I grew up with manners. but I’m not going to lie to you.


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