Truffle Me Surprised

Hello Everyone, welcome to a special little post on A Good Vibe Ride. Mostly because today, I have my friend Sarah who will be giving her input in this post (I’ll post a pic so that you have proof that this person actually exists and I’m not just pulling things out of my ass).


Sarah goes to school with me in LA and will be my roommate for the upcoming Fall. If I could put her into two words she would be “bad and bougie.” We share a mutual champagne and reality TV obsession and she is one of the most #Loyal people I know. Trust.

So today, we’re going to talk about TRUFFLES. Whether or not this notorious, luxury food is actually worth it or if its just a bunch of hype. (From our very bias opinions…)

Megan: Okay, so if you don’t know what truffle is-it’s a mushroom found mainly in the forests of France that can only be found by specially trained pigs that basically sniff it out. Sarah, in your semi-unbiased opinion…what’s your view on truffles?

Sarah: If I believed in a higher power…I would think he/she created truffles with me in mind.

Megan: What would you describe the taste as?

Sarah: Rich and earthy…

Megan: Okay, so in terms of truffle brands (like what to buy and what not to buy) what’s your take because I know you’ve down a lot of research on this LOL

Sarah: Sabatino Tartufi is highly recommended by many professional chefs, because it contains actual natural truffle flavor-not just artificial crap. Their white truffle oil, black truffle salt, and truffle zest are my personal favorites.


Megan: Side note guys—your really can trust Sarah on this if only because this girl literally did hours of research on truffle products and scoured the internet to see which one is the most legitimate/best tasting truffle products. A lot of brands decide to put in artificial flavors or mix regular mushrooms with miso in order to try and replicate the taste. Don’t fall for that shit.

Sarah: It’s really hard to get that “true truffle taste” that you find in dishes at restaurants. I mean, can we please mention those truffle mashed potatoes at Drago Ristorante…

Megan: Story time! Sarah and I are single AF so we decided to go to a Galentines dinner together at this restaurant in DTLA called Drago Ristorante. We ordered and split the veal (which was amazing) but honestly everything paled in comparison to their truffle mashed potatoes that had actual truffle pieces in it. Divine AF like my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Sarah: Honestly, nothing will ever trump those truffle scallops at Nobu…god my mouth is watering thinking about it. Have you ever been to Umami Burger?

Megan: Yes! F*** those truffle fries are phantasmagorical (yes, that’s a real word—look it up). Also can we just talk about how I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t like truffle? Like love maybe not, but they at least like it.

Sarah: I actually have! It was a boy though, so that’s REALLY not saying much. Men are a little underdeveloped…

Megan: I’m actually getting really hungry thinking about this Sarah—do you want to Postmates Sugarfish? (for those of you who don’t know what Sugarfish is…it’s a sushi restaurant that has bomb ass food)

Sarah: Oh my god I actually used Postmates to order Sugarfish last week to reward myself…there was literally a $15 delivery fee but I honestly just said “f*** it” and did it anyways. Better hide that bill…

Megan: Oh yeah, warning guys you should probably check the price on Sugarfish before you decide you want to try it and set aside like a budget for it…it’s a little pricey. Try Kazu Nori first, it’s their sister restaurant and at a bit better price point.

Sarah: Let’s bring it back to truffles, Megan. Hehe

Megan: Sorry, I like to go on tangents. Guys even though this is not a video, it’s real AF because we are literally typing everything without edit. Anyways—truffles. Yes. Do you want to explain the different types Sarah?

Sarah: Love our tangents, because it always somehow relates to sushi, champagne, or trashy reality TV shows. Anyways, there are black truffles and white truffles. White truffles tend to be more expensive, and they work better in oil. I once tried a black truffle oil, and it literally tasted exactly like olive oil. Not cool. Black truffles are a bit cheaper and thus are used more in salts and zests, which are always supplementary to the main oil.

Megan: You heard it from the truffle connoisseur herself people. White truffle oil and black truffle salts and zests. If you’re wondering why we’re even talking about truffle—it’s a shared mutual passion. But also because we’re 20 year old girls who enjoy good food and truffle is pretty essential sometimes to taking a dish to the next level (i.e. Sarah’s truffle popcorn).

Sarah: It all started with the truffle popcorn. Friendships have been made and broken over that popcorn. I feel like our top bonding moment was when we were champagne drunk on that fateful V-day, spilling truffle popcorn everywhere and screaming on the couch. Great memories.

Megan: Wonderful memories. LOL so at the end of the day everyone truffles are amazing—they make a dish taste better. Whether or not they are worth the price sometimes is completely up to you and what you’re comfortable with but a dish won’t taste worst just because you add truffle.

Sarah: Maybe we could wrap up by talking about our top truffle dishes. Mine are definitely the Nobu truffle scallops, ANY truffle fries (parmesan is always a nice bonus), truffle risottos, and truffle popcorn, of course.

Megan: Sarah-that’s literally everything.

Sarah: (She’s laughing)

Megan: Anyway—personally  love truffle and any potato product—truffles and potatoes just work really well okay. Plus I love potatoes because I’m a fatty—it’s fine.

Sarah: I mean, you did introduce me to gruyere…

Megan: Gruyere and truffle mousse. Don’t forget the truffle mousse!!!

Sarah: Of course, how could I forget. All hail Megan, my co-reigning truffle queen!

Alright friends, we’re done for today. It’s almost 10 PM at night, I have three essays to work on and an interview tomorrow afternoon. So basically I need to work and sleep. Peace out.


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