What to Pack on a Carry-On: Minimalist Edition

Oh, the carry-on bag. No one ever really knows what to put in this bag because unless you’re a frequent flyer and have totally gotten over the whole idea of checked baggages–you don’t really want to put a lot on your carry-on right?

Well personally, I try to put as little as possible into my carry on. Don’t get me wrong, when I travel I do bring a lot of stuff with me–I just cram all that stuff into my checked baggage instead. Of course there’s always a danger that the airline will lose your luggage and that’s why you don’t leave anything vital in there: money, credit cards, documents, IDs, etc. I could lose my checked-in luggage and be fine because my carry-on is perfectly well equipped to save me in dire situations. I mean I wouldn’t want to lose my checked-in bag because that would suck and I would have to re-purchase a lot of my favorite clothes/shoes/etc. but it wouldn’t be the worst thing to ever happen to me. 

Now, in terms of the carry-on–as you can tell from the title I live by a very minimalist standard. 


I keep things simple. No luggage that I have to put in the overhead compartment and definitely no bulky backpack that I have to lug around everywhere. Just a nice, medium sized purse that will hold everything that is vital and essential to my well-being and mental health. So in the photo above I have:

1. My trusty Louis Vuitton Never Full in size GM (that’s the medium-size right?). The bag was a graduation gift from my parents and has served me very well for over 2 years. 

2. In the marble and gold casing is my laptop, that has been fully charged and already has several movies and books pre-downloaded onto it. As much as my phone is super handy, having to hold my phone up to my face and read really small letters/ look at tiny images isn’t the way that I want to spend a 10+ hour flight. 

3. Earphones, obviously. 

4. My pale pink passport book that I use to also hold my tickets/ visas/ IDs/ credit-debit cards. Basically it’s an XL wallet that I use to also conveniently hold my travel documents. 

5. A book (in replacement of the magazine that I will buy at the kiosk in the airport), because sometimes nothing feels better than holding a solid book or magazine in your hands. 

6. Water–that I will purchase once I’m passed the security line because it’s important to stay hydrated on a plane. It gets really dry and it’s not comfortable at all if you’re really thirsty and don’t trust the water that the flight attendants serve on the plane (like me). I’m sorry but I don’t know where that water came from nor how long its been sitting in the plane waiting to be used. (Yes, I’m a brat–we’ve established this already I have no idea why you’re even surprised). 

Now for the close up of the smaller items: 


1. The neck-holder things: yes, I know that this magically appeared. I honestly forgot to add it into the original photo and was too lazy to retake it. Sue me (actually don’t, because I can’t afford lawyers LOL). But anyway, really essential if you want a decent sleep on a particularly uncomfortable plane because the neck support is ESSENTIAL. 

2. Eye Drops: Personally, I use the Systane Gel EyeDrops because they’re super moisturizing and almost form a protective film over your eye that keeps it from drying out super fast. Dry eyes can lead to tension headaches and eye aches that can make your plane ride that much worse if you don’t keep everything nice and wet. 

3. Hair Tye- Do I need to explain?

4. Lip Balm–also essential and self explanatory

5. Medications: which can include Advil, Melatonin, Dramamine, Tums, Xanax (if it’s LEGALLY prescribed to you kiddies!!! 🙂 etc. It’s a personal preference kind of matter. Personally–between my raging insomnia and the screaming babies that I just now that are going to be on my flight I stick with Advil and Melatonin. But, whatever works for you.

So yeah, that’s it. Like I said, super minimalist. If I were to lose my checked-in bag at least I would have all my documents, IDs, and money with me to fake my death, purchase new belongings and start a completely new life in whatever country I decided to visit. Just Kidding. Not Really. 

Obviously this is under the assumption that you do have a checked bag. If you have a carry-on luggage instead–well, none of this applies to you. Or at least only some of this applies to you. Carry-on luggages are so much more complicated because you have to make sure everything liquid is under 100ML (or only adds to 100ML?), in a clear bag, and a bunch of other rules I don’t bother to know because I never use carry-on luggages. 

Yes, I know, how discriminatory of me. Oops. 



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