10 Everyday Poems, 10 Everyday Moments

one. Sunday Morning

the light filters through

broken a part by the glass

and in its glory the morning  rises

but I snuggle deeper into my sheets

two. Monday Traffic

trucks are obnoxious and difficult

they think they own the road, but really

someone should just set them on fire

so that they will go away.

Chevys too.

three. men suck

they think its okay to say whatever they want-

to do whatever they want-

and don’t acknowledge the power they have

to end a career or ruin someones life.

You’d think they’d learn by now

how to be a decent human…

but even that’s too much to ask for.

four. test anxiety

my pen just fell of the desk because my hands are shaking so hard

the professor made the exam worth 30% of my grade

i might as well just die now.

five. women’s day

don’t ever let what someone else thinks

stop you from doing what you want

or what someone else wants

stop you from getting what you need

be the sun.

shine brightly.

be brave.

be unstoppable.

six. periods are the worst

the first time, i thought i was dying

this time, i’m just extremely annoyed

every time i want to cry because i hate it

but at least it doesn’t happen all the time.

seven. listen

can we just talk about how unreasonable you are all the time?

can we just don’t about how you drive me insane every day?

can we just talk about how you don’t listen when I speak?

can we just talk about me and my problems for once?

can we just talk.

eight. sickness is crippling

i’m not weak

let’s just talk about that first. 

i’m not weak but my body aches

everything is blurry, sound is fuzzy

trying to get up is actually harder than swallowing a shot

without chaser

don’t laugh, that’s hard too

 nine. restless

first second: leg shakes

second second: eyes roam

third second: pull hair 

fourth second: deep breath

fifth second: scream

sixth second: rub eyes

seventh second: scream again

eighth second: jump and run out 

ten. food

sunday roast and veg

gravy wafts through the air

warm, spicy, mouth-watering

cranberries are mashed and cooled

when can it be christmas again?

things only ever taste good then

when the fires burning 

and cinnamon is everywhere.



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