Five Things to Do When You’re Ill

(And Contemplating Death)

Here in California, the weather is turning as the seasons finally change and we leave behind that dreadfully long fall/winter for warmer weather. The sun is shining, the cold air has finally drifted away, and everyone is ready to break out into their swim gear and head off to the beach. The only thing that could possibly go wrong is that thanks to the turning weather, there’s a second-wave of sickness just hitting communities everywhere. Whenever the weather changes, the season shifts, everyone gets sick. I have no idea why, may because our bodies have a hard time adjusting or the change in weather revitalizes all those viruses that were neutralized before. Who knows. What I do know, is 5 Things To Do While You’re Sick (In Bed) and Contemplating Death.

1 Pack On the Blankets and Snuggle In 

Best way to get over something awful like a cold or flu? Keep your body warm, even when you get hot, and sweat it the hell out. Plus , when you’re already feeling super miserable, it’s just nice to snuggle into a pile of blankets on your bed.

My roommates can attest to the fact that I rarely, if ever, make my bed. But when I’m sick, I like to align all my blankets up, pile them on top of each other, organize my pillows, and just generally getting the general area around me ready: water bottle on the desk next to me, along with some cough drops and medicine, laptop charged with the charger plugged in and beside me, phone at my side, and a steaming hot honey lemon tea ready to go. 

Pro Tip: once you’re feeling better, wash all your blankets/sheets/ and pillows. They’re basically germ and sweat infested now and I really, really don’t think you want to deal with that. 

2 Go To The Gym and Sweat Till Your Healthy

Along the same lines of sweating in bed, if you are an active person and feel the need to be productive even when you’re sick and basically close to death, go to the gym. Run until your lungs are about to give out and just before they do, get off the treadmill and lift some weights. 

Just keep going, drink water or gatorade to stay hydrated, and keep working out until you’re sweating so much that you’re as slippery as a seal. Because that’s always fun. (for those of you who don’t know me, or don’t know my voice, I’m being sarcastic right here) But no, really, sweat your self healthy and kick that cold/ flus ass. 

The only reason I say go to the gym as opposed to go outdoors, you really don’t want to let your sweaty body be hit by the wind, because that’s just going to make your cold/flu worse. So even after the gym, make sure to wear a sweater/sweats so that you stay warm and bundled up until you’re back in your apartment/house. 

3 Take A Bubble Bath  

Or just a epsom salt bath if you’re not secure enough to take a bubble bath without feeling emasculated, you pansy. Sorry. Anyway. A nice bath would definitely help especially if you’re body is aching from the illness. It’ll lose up your muscles and just make you feel better in general. 

Make sure while you’re in there though you have a cold bottle water with you to sip on lightly so that you don’t get too lightheaded from the heat. No one wants to pass out while they’re in the bath. I know this is titled “while contemplating death,” but I wasn’t actually serious about that. Hopefully you’re smart enough to be cognizant of that. 

4 Eat Well

Fruits, Vegetables, Clear Soups. Don’t eat anything too heavy or savory because you’re stomach will not be able to handle it, especially if you’re feeling super sick and you’re stomach is sensitive. And make sure you are definitely eating before you consume any kind of medication. If you don’t, you’ll feel the actual consequences just a little bit later, like think stomaches, puking, etc. It’s not fun, and I’m speaking from experience. 

If you’re throat is super sore, have some ice cream. Treat yourself, you’re already sick, why make yourself suffer anymore? Suffering is not fun. Unless your a masochist, but that’s a completely different conversation. 

Tea is always amazing too. Tea with lemon juice and honey makes the world go round and will make you feel a lot better! 

5 Get a Massage

You’re body is aching isn’t it? A massage would be wonderful. It’s also a great way to generally detox your body. Basically all the options above can cost nothing if you have everything at home, or a gym is part of the rent you already pay at your apartment. But treat yourself to a massage, some places have really good ones for the low price of $65 for 60 minutes, which when you think about it, is really cheap in comparison to some luxe places. 

I’ve literally read about places that have $150+ for 60 minute massages and I really wonder why the hell is it even like that? Like most of the time those massages aren’t even that great. You are literally paying over $3 a minute for someone to press on your skin and muscles when they could be doing that for a little over a dollar a minute. I don’t know, I really don’t think any 60 minute massage is worth over $70 at most.

But anyway, yes, take away those aches and pains by getting a massage. Make sure you take a nice night time cold medication before so you can just knock the hell out. It’s a great way to just pass the hell out and get a solid hour of sleep. 

Feel better my loves and take lots of vitamins and medications! 


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