About Me

“To Live is the Rarest Thing in the World” -Oscar Wilde 

I stand on the precipice of great change.  A Southern California native, I attend school in Los Angeles and have traded the suburbs for the big city. My humor is dry, I’m rarely politically correct, and I have a rather cynical view of the world. Despite that, I’ve been on the road to follow all the good vibes whilst on my journey to discover who exactly is Megan (I’ve yet to completely find out) and trying to mould her into a more go-with-the-flow kind of person. Ergo, standing on the precipice of great change. 

For a 20-year old who could hardly be considered a worldly person, I have a lot of opinions and evidently think they hold a lot of weight (if starting this blog isn’t telling enough). But I’m always honest and blunt, which I find is almost as uncommon now as common sense. 

You’ll find me horseback riding more often than not and I devote a lot of my free time learning so that I can eventually compete in a show. But my greatest ambition is to eventually (and hopefully) attend Harvard Law School and practice law on the East Coast  (New York, New York anyone?). Despite my grand ambitions (and the copious amounts of work that go along with them), I am in the firm belief that to be happy a person needs to live day by day and moment by moment. 

So my life motto: Just say yes (as long as it won’t kill you or put you in jail) and follow that good vibe ride.