Bit by the Travel Bug

After a two year absence, the travel bug has bitten me once again and I’m determined to escape the confines of the United States and see the rest of the world. It always comes around, every couple of years, this burning itch and anxiety to get on a plane, a train, a car, or bus […]

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Old Person Rant: I hate my iPhone

Do you remember the simpler times? When no one had an iPhone, YouTube didn’t exist, and everyone wasn’t always on Instagram posting pictures about a life that they weren’t actually having or Twitter in order to rant about life/politics?  If not, I definitely do and I really miss it.  Don’t get me wrong, I spend […]

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The World is Ending this April

I’m being over dramatic. I really am. And usually I don’t put much weight in the word of astrology in terms of how it affects me on a day to day basis–but, with how horrible my month is going right now I can only assume that because FOUR PLANETS ARE IN RETROGRADE, they are the […]

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Sometimes Snakes are People

I love that we call disloyal, sneaky people snakes now. As much as I like the actual animal—it’s a rather apt description for people who are generally cold and slither around like a f***in well…snakes. Now, people who know me well know that above all else I value loyalty and honesty. To an almost absurd […]

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