Bit by the Travel Bug

After a two year absence, the travel bug has bitten me once again and I’m determined to escape the confines of the United States and see the rest of the world. It always comes around, every couple of years, this burning itch and anxiety to get on a plane, a train, a car, or bus […]

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Taipei: Summer 2K17

As part of my summer holiday, I’ve decided to take a few weeks abroad. The first country I visited, Taiwan, I spent a week in. Most of my extended family lives in Taiwan, and so I’ve been visiting Taipei (the country’s capital) on and off for a solid 2 decades. Also, since I’ve been visiting […]

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Summer 2016: Tokyo and Nikko

Japan is definitely one of the best places I have traveled to so far. With a trip coming up to Hokkaido over the summer, I want to reflect on this past summer where I hit up Tokyo and Nikko—both of which were beautiful in their own right. Tokyo is a bustling metropolitan city, whilst Nikko […]

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