Taipei: Summer 2K17

As part of my summer holiday, I’ve decided to take a few weeks abroad. The first country I visited, Taiwan, I spent a week in. Most of my extended family lives in Taiwan, and so I’ve been visiting Taipei (the country’s capital) on and off for a solid 2 decades. Also, since I’ve been visiting […]

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How To: Be a College Model…?

Just Kidding. Not Really. Okay, so I’m not an actual model, but I have a lot of friends who are! And I have friends who are photographers for relatively prominent brands as well (humble bragging, yes, yes). It just so happens that Sunday night, one of my model friends (Liberty) asked me if I wanted […]

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Summer 2016: Tokyo and Nikko

Japan is definitely one of the best places I have traveled to so far. With a trip coming up to Hokkaido over the summer, I want to reflect on this past summer where I hit up Tokyo and Nikko—both of which were beautiful in their own right. Tokyo is a bustling metropolitan city, whilst Nikko […]

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Don’t Think About It

In an attempt to fill this blog up, I’m going to describe the ever so thrilling adventure of skydiving that I went on this past summer. But first, some advice. Skydiving is expensive (about $200+ depending on where you go) so if you’re going to do it and money isn’t pouring from your bank account […]

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